If you wish or that I must...The wanderings of the mind and body outside the classroom.

                   Helping Tree Utah in Tanner Park
Helping Tree Utah in Tanner Park

Funny tidbit on me.

My name is Angela and to quote one of my favorite anime (Golden Boy 1996) “I’m a freeter; A person who specializes in temporary jobs”. In fact I have nearly worked at every fast food establishment EXCLUDING McDonald's and Burger King. Why my pride would not allow me to cross those two lines but not the lines of the other fast pace, low wage jobs, I’m not really sure…I have worked for places besides the food industry but as a whole that is the majority of my working career(such that it is). I find that working at different jobs when one may have gone stale keeps it interesting and gives me a lots of knowledge over a larger spectrum. However I intend to stick with school until it is through if I can financially complete it. As I hinted to, I also love anime and I’ll admit it most cartoons, EXCEPT SPONGE BOB, I don’t like that guy. Just something about him. At the job I decided to take a break from to focus on school “Zurchers. Your local discount party and wedding store” I always recommend Sponge Bob for pinata selection. Though I never took part in Barney burning bashes (now that dated me) I would never turn down a Sponge Bob square pants pinata popping party!


Other hobbies and interests include but not limited to; Biking (as a means of transportation), writing, drawing, table top gaming, some electronic games, board gaming and even bingo! Listening to music (nearly all types even a few country and gospel selections), trying to teach myself guitar and watching movies. Originally from Maryland I have visited many states and lived (a duration of a month or longer) in 4 Florida, Idaho and Utah included. I have also visited Canada 3 times twice on the French side and once on the English side. Sadly that is all the traveling done outside of the states but I hope to do more traveling in the future.

Angela Fields

I enjoy dressing up for Cons, Renaissance Festivals and Halloween... and well anytime I can get away with it...This is

my Malcolm Reynolds costume from my favorite TV show Firefly.

              Some of my artwork.

The 3 things I like most about summer is Fireflies, Fireworks and Lightning. Strange that they are all quick, beautiful flashes of light...

      Halloween 2015 in Las Vegas. Gotta love Link costumes!
Halloween 2015 in Las Vegas. Gotta love Link costumes!
My grandfather and our chesapeake pony.
My grandfather and our chesapeake pony.


Most of my travels took place in 2011 and after prior to that I have visited Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Virginia, California, Montreal, Delaware,  and North and South Carolina.

2011- Traveled to Ohio, Kansas, Arkansas, Texas, Colorado, Idaho, Alberta, and back again to Idaho.
2012 - Back to Maryland, then back to Idaho via road trip straight through the United States in 55 hours, Utah, and back to Idaho again.

2013 - Moved to Utah, visited Colorado and Nevada.
2014 - Visited Maryland, Idaho, Texas and Nevada.

2015- Visited Maryland and drove to Nevada twice.

2017- Visited  the state of Oregon, Nevada (Vegas again!), and Maryland (home for the holidays)

2018- Drove my RV cross-country alone just cause I wanted to and could

2018- Visited California for Spring break and saw Disney Land, San Diego Zoo and a bunch of stuff in between!

Photos from some of my travels.

Sometimes the best journeys happen with family in your own back yard. (Me[left]and my sister[right])

Waiting for the train in Calgary, Alberta Canada after going to the 100th anniversary Stampede.

Flying high in Boise, Idaho in  the hot air balloon named "Checkmate".

Canoeing in Banff, Alberta with my friend Lauren.

    Trips to McCall winter festivals.

My Dad (right), My Stepmother(bottom), My Sister(left), and My Half brother(top)
My Dad (right), My Stepmother(bottom), My Sister(left), and My Half brother(top)

       I've been part of...

  •  Worked on building a non-profit called Hike to Bike as its event name and Project Cycle as the organization.
  • Was later awarded for my service learning project 'Project Cycle' in the Spring 2017 semester
  • I have volunteered to help plant trees with Tree Utah
  • I was the vice president of SLCC Environmental and Geological Club both in the Fall of 2016 and Spring 2017 and its service chair in the Fall of 2017.
  • In High school I was in the Art club, band up to 11th grade playing the clarinet and Future Educators of America club.
  • I was a finalist in the 2016 fiction chapbook contest and had 50 copies of my chapbook entitled Tales that Tarry.
  • I have submitted and successfully been excepted in every issue of folio's print version released since I began to attend SLCC in Fall of 2015.
  • I have also been excepted both editions of SLCC yearly anthology.
  • Member of Phi Theta Kappa
  • Given President and Deans list awards.
  • Winner of the Non-fiction Chapbook Contest for the 2017-2018 academic semesters having over 300 copies published. My book is entitled Consolation Prize.