Short Term Goals                                               

  • Get this webpage done
  • Learn how to play guitar more
  • Get Project Cycle going
  • Sign up for next semesters classes
  • To not "sweat the small stuff" (Quote of my Natural Disasters class)
  • Lose some weight
  • Get A's in all my classes
  • A haircut would probably help...


Long Term Goals

  • Lose some weight  (Isn't this always an ongoing battle?)
  • Make Project Cycle a 'bonified' Non-Profit
  • Graduate with some kind of degree with a high GPA
  • Get a job doing something awesome or have invented or made something that makes a ton of money that hopefully helps someone somewhere.
  • Travel
  • Not given up on my dreams

SLCC's Learning Outcomes*

Students communicate effectively.


            In my English 1010 class after doing many papers, or at least portions of papers, my final synthesis paper helped me to understand through trial and error, effective communication skills when writing. Those critical writing and speaking elements help me to organize and prepare for future English courses.

Students develop quantitative literacies necessary for their chosen field of study. 


            This includes approaching practical problems by choosing and applying appropriate mathematical techniques; Using information represented as data, graphs, tables, and schematics in a variety of disciplines; Applying mathematical theory, concepts, and methods of inquiry appropriate to program-specific problems. We used this as well in Intro to Drawing when learning how to accurately draw what we see using sighting and triangulation.

Students think critically and creatively.


              Both my English 1010 and my Environmental Yoga class helped me to think critically and creatively. First, my analysis and synthesis skills were tested in my paper using the word “Time” in a paper I wrote for my English1010. Second, the self-evaluation I did when studying the Niyamas in Yoga helped me reflect on aspects of my thinking and expression in ways I had not prior to the assignment. I also applied the scientific method to the project I did in Environmental Science to hypothesize its lasting effects for my community. In Intro to Poetry just writing something and calling it a poem should never be enough there are a verity of styles and techniques one can use to make their poetic work better.

Students develop the knowledge and skills to be civically engaged.


When thinking of the community I have become a part of, I began to see how the city was lacking or had an insufficient bicycling infrastructure. I began to formulate a service learning project that would help with these issues. Working with other students in my Environmental Science class, we named it Project Cycle. In American Civilization we learned there is always another point of view and when dealing with people to be as open minded as possible.

Students develop the knowledge and skills to work with others in a professional and constructive manner.


             When working on Project Cycle in my Environmental Science class I worked with many other students and the professor to create the foundations of the project. By incorporating others ideas and troubleshooting with them we were able to come up with solutions on how to get a large project for the community up and running. This also helped through the processes of SLCC's policies on projects such as ours.
Students develop computer and information literacy.


English 1010 helped me to create a work cited page correctly and where to find both scholarly and non-scholarly sources. It also helped me use the library resources to find these sources and to gather appropriate quotes to keep my writing focused and credible.

Students develop the attitudes and skills for lifelong wellness.


Since our main project in Environmental Science was of my personal design revolving around helping a community bike more I attempted to lead by example and bike nearly every day to class. This helped me maintain my fitness and a sense of personal well-being.

Me and My sister one one of my visits home. I look like I just woke up....

Scheming in front of the computer.

...Or playing video games...

Either one.